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Somatic healing for our inner ‘tears’ with drs. Anky Aarts

Barcelona, Spain –
December 2-3, 2023

Discovering Invisible Loyalties with the Subtle Body

The Art of Listening to heal our Mind and Nervous System

Sat Dec 2 & Sun Dec 3 from 9:30 – 19:00 followed (optional) by
Dec 3 post-workshop: a celebratory get-together without agenda.

Early bird price before October 15 is 300 euro,
after October 15: 350 euro.


Before October 15th, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. After October 15th: no refund of the registration fee. We encourage you to donate your seat to a colleague instead.
Please note that HST / VAT will be added to the cost of this program.

Workshop Details


This workshop is intended for health care professionals and people familiar with the Constellation Method. It will be held in English, with Spanish & Catalan translations.

There will be tea and snacks available in the breaks. Water will be available throughout.

Bring your own cup, pen & paper, and anything that will make you feel comfortable. Please be aware that you will have to leave your shoes outside the room as this place is a yoga studio.


In this workshop we will explore subtle somatic intrapsychic communication together. We will be using the Systemic Constellation Method as the backbone for exploring how to attune the inner felt sense as it informs us about our re-activities and meaning making of our experiences. We will explore new possibilities of relating to the issues and conflicts that client may bring to us, and how to avoid the pitfalls of getting fatigued or burned out.


The workshop will offer a mix of didactic information, experiential practice, and clinical case examples, combining Systemic Constellations with facets of Internal Family Systems, Somatic Psychotherapy, and Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, to find new movements in ourselves as well.


The workshop is limited to 25 people.

Workshop Modules

Module One

Systemic constellations: using subtle body communication to coregulate.

Research has shown that somatic awareness is necessary in accessing trauma-based fragmentation. The risk of working with trauma is that the therapist may be triggered by their personal trauma history. This can be addressed by using somatic listening skills involving the subtle body. Sensing energetic shifts in the body involves the “art of coregulation.” Being triggered prevents the therapist from differentiating clients’ feelings from their own, while activation allows the therapist to become aware and thus stay differentiated. Resonating and attuning to their own and the client’s signals then reveals the broken connections that need healing. We will review in this 1st module the insights of interpersonal neuroscience, attachment, and polyvagal theory, as well as subtle body communication, introjects, and inner Parts.

Module Two

The mind as a tuning fork - sensing the body using titration and pendulation to explore defense patterns.

Experiential exercises in small groups: Discovering subtle body communication using footprints for self + parents + ?. Exploring each footprint by listening to the body’s wisdom. The key is to avoid the ‘entanglements’ of somatic transference by working with them as valuable information while the client is emerging from the trauma trance. This involves training in the paradoxical process of allowing mutually activated affect to become an essential tool during the healing process. Bodily-held latent memories provide information on remaining differentiated and connected oneself and the client. As these memories become clearer, they reveal their own solutions.

Module Three

The ‘dream body’ of the trauma triangle – part 1: the illusion of “us” versus “them.”

Demo + experiential small groups. Here we will explore the delicate dance between ego’s tendency to achieve certain goals, and the letting go of one’s agenda. We will use footprints to explore subtle body communication and awareness of systemic dynamics beyond the trauma into the space of possibilities. We will practice methods such as orienting, breathing, and other subtle body-mind techniques.

Module Four

The ‘dream body’ of the trauma triangle – part 2: exploring Parts and ego states while working with ambivalence.

Embodied awareness of the felt sense allows for the cocreation of somatic awareness. Here we explore the inclusion of mutual mirroring and presence, in small groups. This process tends to give rise to new solutions during the expansion of awareness and subsequent neural reprocessing.


Demo + small group exercises: Setting up inner family + conflict. Standing on each footprint and listening first alone, and then with representatives. Exploring the subtle body responses while staying attuned and connected in the triad in order to sense the activations of the healing movements. Using somatic awareness to discern who regulates whom, while remaining connected with embodied awareness to the Self-energy of the group.

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