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Case Histories

Changing the pathways of brain activity using Inherited Trauma therapy, EMDR, IFS and/or Somatic Psychotherapy and Systemic Constellations.


A client, troubled by addiction, was easily triggered by her environments, in which she would shift from being overwhelmed to addictive behaviour to avoid sensations of loneliness and worthlessness. By using the practices of EMDR and IFS enabled the healing of her self-image and nervous system, and enabled profound shifts in the way she saw her past trauma.


A client, troubled by conflicts in the workplace, felt side-tracked and unable to move forward. After stepping on footprints that represented himself, his parents and his conflict, it became apparent that he had ended up with the same loss-of-job prospect that had affected both his grandfather and father in similar ways. His work with footprints helped him to sense this inherited energetic dilemma, and move out of feeling stuck and into a new and better job. This enabled him to feel at ease again at work as well as with his family.

Chronic Nerve Pain & Unhappy

A client who was unhappy in her marriage was troubled by nerve pain. After assessing her negative self-image and childhood traumas, she was able to reprocess her memories and emotions using EMDR. This allowed her to change her views and feelings about her childhood. This greatly reduced her stress an anxiety, as well as her nerve pain, and allowed her to feel at ease again in her current reltationships.  

Chronic Fatigue

A client complained of chronic fatigue. Though he was only 32 years old, he could barely make it through his workday. After work, he felt too fatigued to play with kids or do anything else. By focusing on the felt sense in his body, he remembered how, as a child, he was thrown off the tractor at his parent’s farm, which knocked the wind out of him. With the use of somatic psychotherapy techniques, his nervous system was able to release the ‘hidden’ shock of this event that had been held in his body for many years. By reprocessing this memory, his resilience and healthy  fitness were fully restored.

Anxiety and Depression

A client who had been troubled by anxiety and depressive moods was able to unlock her freeze response by using Somatic Experiencing techniques. She had retrieved the memory of a terrible car accident when she was four, involving herself and her mother, who was killed. The freeze response helped her to survive the enormity of this moment of change: the loss of her mother. When the memory started to resurface, she started to shake a bit while her nervous system processed the shock-imprint (introject), which enabled her to complete the processing of the loss of her mother. Afterwards, she said she felt her heart open. She said she was able to feel grounded for the first time in 33 years.

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