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For clients, tips for successful online therapy sessions + staying mindful

Online sessions are a convenient way to receive therapy from the comfort of your own space. Teletherapy can be as personal and transformative as in-person sessions.

Be prepared Take a few moments to move your body before sitting down before your device. Check the chair and the room temperature for comfort. Test your head-phones or earbuds ahead of time. Anky will send you an email zoom invite shortly before the scheduled start time of the session.

Minimize distractions Aim for a quiet and private space that is as free from distraction as possible. Ask others to not disturb you.

Check and/or optimize your internet connection Check your device to make sure you can be seen from head to chest.

Staying comfy Grab a favorite shawl and tissues if needed.

Tips on practising resilience and embodiment for a healthy life style:

· Exercise. Cycle. Go for a walk or a swim

· Practice mindfulness during daily life activities

· Practice meditation / yoga / Qigong / Tai Chi

· Develop a positive mindset, practise gratitude, and kindness

· Expand your social circle through activities like book groups, painting classes, or volunteer work

· Spent time in nature / forest bathing / join a walking group

· Let your body dance to music

· Watch comedy that makes you laugh

· Drink plenty of water

· Enjoy preparing a nourishing meal

· Practise kind words and gestures to people you do not know

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