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Subtle Facial and Energy Body Massage techniques & Craniosacral Therapy, Auricular Medicine, and Emotional Healing.

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Craniosacral Therapy - Revolutionary Approach to Health:

By Anky Aarts, written for The Source “The Maritime’s Holistic Health Journal, June/July 1997. Now updated May 2017 for A Different Touch Health Clinic’s website.

Who can benefit?

If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, fatigue, whiplash or head injuries, dyslexia, migraines, stress, neuro-vascular, TMJ, post-surgery, or pregnancy issues, developmental delays, anxiety or emotional trauma, then Subtle Oscillatory massage techniques, Craniosacral Therapy, Auricular Medicine combined with emotional healing techniques may be the answer.

Mary was prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers to help reduce pain from her whiplash and injuries sustained by seat belt and airbag impact after her car accident. She had tried all kinds of therapies for five years. When she came to A Different Touch Health Clinic she still had a lot of pain, concentration problems, and recurrent headaches. Mary was surprised to start feeling pain free and energetic after just a few sessions. Initially her pains would come back after four days or so, but over time she became pain and headache free. Mary also began to feel like her true self again, and could work without stress or fatigue, much to her delight.

Subtle Oscillation and Craniosacral Therapy, Auricular Medicine, and Emotional Healing – What is it?

Massage therapies using Craniosacral and Structural Subtle Oscillatory techniques include: Myofacial Release, muscle energy, strain-counterstrain, positional release and oscillation. They are gentle and non-invasive massage techniques that help heal our body by facilitating the self-correction ability of our energetic and physical body. The effect of these modalities is usually felt as a deep relaxation, a sense of feeling more yourself, more flexible, and a relief from pain. Its healing effect can be felt in all our motor-sensory, fascial, neurovascular, visceral (organs), joint & bone tissues, brain & nervous system, and intellectual functions.

Most of our complaints represent an imbalance within the subtle energetic & physical body that tends to disturb the craniosacral, physical and energetic rhythms that facilitate our brain, neurovascular, meridians, chakras, and digestive functions. The correction of this misalignment and imbalance is set into motion during the treatment. This self-correction process will continue for several days or longer. The initial results are usually felt immediately albeit in a subtle manner.

Rooted in the Western Medical Science

Subtle Oscillation Massages: It was American osteopathic physician Dr. W. G. Sutherland (1873-1954) who developed a systematic approach for the rhythmic shape change of the skull bones (cranium), in the footsteps of Dr. Andrew T. Still. Sutherland discovered the mobility of our cranium and body, which he called the ‘primary respiration’. He successfully treated ailments that other medical doctors could not cure. Medical science however has largely ignored his findings.

In the 1970’s Dr. John Upledger discovered that the bones and membranes surrounding our brain and spinal cord contract and expand in a rhythm of their own. He called this expression of our being the Craniosacral System. This system became also associated with the Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM), which permeates all our tissues. You could think of this mechanism as kind of the ‘starting motor’ of our physical functioning. The PRM provides a link to other vital functions: the functioning of our heart, central and peripheral nervous system, the circulation of our physical fluid flows, and digestive system. These rhythms (motilities) that pulsate throughout our body and tissues can indicate what’s wrong with us.

Anky also trained with French Osteopath Dr. Jean Pierre Barrall, the so-called ‘father’ of Visceral Manipulation: equally gentle oscillation therapies for the digestive and nervous system; his prodigee Frank Lowen, developer of the Dynamic Manual Interface, and Dr. Sharon Weiselfish Giamatteo, developer of various Integrative Manual Osteopathy Therapies. And Dr. Aminah Raheem, developer of the massage of meridians based on the 5-element theory combined with Jungian Dream Body & Process work.

Auricular (ear) Medicine: Ear acupuncture started through research in the last century, by French physician Dr. Nogier. His discoveries inspired a variety of methods based on research by medical specialists in Germany, China, England, the Netherlands, and United States.

Auricular Medicine uses the energetic homunculus (a representation of the human body - both physical, emotional, and energetic), which can be found on the ear. This homunculus shows any dysfunction in the body, mind and spirit as points on the ear in distress. The brain responds to the stimulation of the gold or silver pellets (some schools use seeds, heat, or needles) placed on ear points in distress, allowing the body to self-correct. Is still regarded a mystery as to why placing gold or silver little pellets on the ear homunculus can create healing in a seemingly ‘immediate’ way in case of acute, and over time for chronic ailments. Example: Frank missed the nail-head and instead hit his thumb on a job. While the bone tissue of his thumb were ‘screaming’ in pain, placing a golden pellet on his thumb point on the ear took his pain away on-the-spot, like when you hit a light switch and a light comes on. The human energy field can be balanced by using gold/silver pellets on this homunculus. This allows the autonomous nervous system to switch from stress into relaxation and healing mode.

Energy Psychology is a collection of mind-body approaches involving thoughts, emotions, sensations and behaviors and bioenergy while addressing the underlying energetic aspects of an issue or blockage. These therapies use the human energy field to access the energetic imprints of trauma. Techniques include working with visualization, body postures, healing sentences, tapping on meridian points to release memories and change pathways of thought patterns, foot prints to release stressful memories from injuries and trauma, be it inherited through the generations, from war episodes, or forceful impacts from sport or accidents, surgeries, or other traumatic events. These therapies often achieve observable and measurable results though. If only Quantum physics was easier to understand, we would have proof of how this works already!

How subtle Oscillation & Craniosacral therapy, Auricular Medicine, and Emotional Healing work: What to expect?

Every client is evaluated with a body scan technique on physical and energetic imbalances, restrictions and blockages (mobility issues), as well as alignment problems and rhythmic disturbances (motility issues). Healing the energy body allows the nervous system to switch from stress into healing mode. Oscillation and rhythmic massage techniques of restricted tissues and blockages into or away from the direction indicated by the pull of the body are used. This usually results in relief of a complaint by triggering the self-correcting ability of the body.

What happens when our body starts to self-correct is that the impact of an injury – such as a fall on the buttocks – might also release recurrent pains such as migraines or nightmares. Whiplash or dental work can result in rotation of the cranial bones, causing compression of the chin, jaw and neck tissues, which over time can result in stiffness of the shoulders and eventually causing headaches. By turning this condition around, subtle oscillation and craniosacral therapy combined with auricular medicine and using the ‘felt sense’ of the tissues, can help you avoid later occurrences of dizziness, migraines, fatigue, digestive issues, or memory problems.

Bob’s restrictions were located around his right kidney and liver area, although he complained mainly of debilitating fatigue, barely making it through his day of work. While releasing these restrictions and restoring the mobility of his right kidney, he tuned into the ‘felt sense’ of his blockages. This allowed him to remember a spectacular fall at age sixteen. At his parents farm he was thrown off the tractor and experienced being momentarily ‘out of it’. Once this memory got processed and released, his total body started shaking lightly, while releasing the stored memory of the shock of impact. Once the shaking stopped he felt refreshed and uplifted. Two weeks later I received an email in which he described how energetic he was, and in the words of his wife: ‘unstoppable, even after a full day’s work’.

Energetic blockages are sometimes called ‘imprints’, ‘energy cysts’ or ‘somato-emotional blockages’. This can happen when the impact of an injury or emotional trauma is too much for us to process or ‘handle’ on the spot. Our body then reacts by blocking the experience, or ‘walling off’ the force of impact to avoid further tissue damage, and tends to store such blockages in its energetic field for later. Our body can adapt to such blockages, but over time tends to loose its effectiveness to do so, causing recurrent chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, and restrictions. Our body’s self-correcting ability can be activated to release and overcome such blockages, no matter how old the injury is.

How to ‘create’ your own personal assistant:

Your energetic health is facilitated by the dynamic function of the subtle energy and physical body, the craniosacral system and our primary respiratory mechanism. It can be enhanced on a daily basis by using a tool developed by the Upledger Institute and simplified by A Different Touch Health Clinic, using two ‘smily rubber balls’ in a sock or pantyhose. It can help you get over work-stress, headaches, back-pain, or muscle fatigue from working out, or digestive issues, as well as with overcoming the initial shock of minor injuries.

Put two balls in a pantyhose with a knot on either side so that they don’t separate. Simply lie down on your back while resting your head on the two balls. You can find the location by drawing a straight line from your ear opening to the back of your head, until your find a bony knuckle. You can also arrive at this bony knuckle on the back of your head (known as ‘occipital protuberance’ or the ‘great knuckle’) by placing four fingers from the base of your scull upwards. Either way, you should arrive at this bony knuckle (on a slight bony ridge), which fits in between the round forms of the two balls. Laying 15 – 20 minutes each day on your Still Point Inducer will revitalize your body and mind.

A ‘Still Point Inducer’ creates a moment of ‘resting phase’ in the rhythmic contractions of the membranes surrounding your brain and spinal cord. This moment of ‘stillness’ produces a deep sense of relaxation and healing that will ripple throughout your entire body. Enjoy!

Anky Aarts is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), and is registered with the Massage Therapist’s Association of Nova Scotia and the Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance.

In Europe she is certified and was licensed with the Royal Dutch Physiotherapy Association. In the United States she is certified as an Integrative Manual Osteopathy Therapist, Anky also has certifications in Process Acupuncture, Auricular Medicine (German, Anglo-Dutch and Chinese school), and a variety of Energy Psychology therapies.

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